Our fresh coffee roasts for the month of May will be on the 5th and the 19th.


The French Press 

The French Press or Cafetiere, uses the thickest grind, like lemon zest. The coffee is allowed to brew in the container before being pushed down to the bottom with the plunger. This method uses about 20 to 22 grams of coffee per cup. It often yields the strongest, most fragrant cup of coffee.

The Pour-Over:

Pour-over or filter coffee is the conventional way of making coffee, and often the most delicious. It allows gravity to do the work. The beans are ground medium-fine, about the consistency of ground pepper. Water is poured over the grounds either in a coffee machine or by hand and is filtered through the beans. We recommend 17 grams per cup of coffee.



Espresso is a way of brewing coffee and not a type of coffee. It comes from a very finely ground coffee bean, the consistency of table salt. For best results use approx. 12 grams of coffee per shot.